The Team

Tony Nicholas studied acting at the Beverley Hills Playhouse in Los Angels, California, and has been acting for two decades.

A busy actor with a penchant for action, he has appeared in The Debt Collector, the US production Hunters, Wentworth, Neighbours, Home and Away, Stingers, and an assortment of commercials. Tony is always looking for roles that will challenge him and allow him to grow as an actor.

He also offers his expertise in martial arts as a fight choreographer, choreographing the action in The Songs of the Past, Obside, Donnie Eagles, and the short Breached, which won the best thriller short award at the Tropfest Film Festival.

His services as a fight choreographer are growing increasingly in demand. A student of several disciplines, his goal in filmmaking combat is to make the scenes are as raw and authentic as possible, to ensure that the audience feels every blow.

He has also worked as a producer and first AD on Obside, and is currently producing the horror The Love That Binds.


Maria Tevelis is an award-winning Australian actress passionate about her craft and dedicated to excellence. She is fluent in Greek, trained in martial arts and sword fighting, and pursues roles that both challenge her and from which she can learn. She is driven to become the best and most versatile actress she can be.

She also works tirelessly as a producer and director, and believes in fostering the strength of community behind the scenes so that everyone – from actors to crew – work as hard as they can to create the best result possible. She considers storytelling magical, and hopes that magic is ultimately translated onto the screen.

Maria’s most recent accomplishments include being a co-producer at Hollywood International Moving Pictures, where she co-produced and starred in the TV show Full Disclosure – a New York Web Finalist – as well as acting in the award winning One Second (winning Best Actress at numerous festivals), FLATS, Jumping Train, I’m an Actor by Darren L Downs, and The Target by Locked in Productions, which screened on Amazon Prime worldwide and in theatres around Australia. She is also the production manager and first AD on the TV series Oz Linked.

Currently, she’s producing the mockumentary TV pilot Little Diva Rising.


Les Zig is an author and screenwriter.

As an author, he has four books out: the novella, The Shadow in the Wind (Pinion Press 2019) under his YA moniker of “Lazaros Zigomanis’; and the novels August Falling (Pantera Press 2018); Just Another week in Suburbia (Pantera Press 2017); and Pride (Busybird Publishing 2017 – again as ‘Lazaros Zigomanis’). Each story deals with difficult choices characters face, and how struggles can either shape our lives for the better or see us stagnate and decline.

After a long break from screenwriting, Les has returned to the form and is fast making a name for himself. He’s had three screenplays optioned, and a raft of unproduced screenplays place and shortlist in various awards. His stories range across different genres, employing real-life situations gone awry, layered characters, and sharp dialogue.

For Les, story is paramount. If the story is sound – however fantastical the premise might be – then everything will else will fall into place.

He’s also had short stories and articles published in a range of print and digital journals.

Introduced to the camera at the age of fourteen, Stuart Jaymes developed a love for the medium through his curiosity and fascination of the art of light and film.

Inspired by Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, David Fincher, Janusz Kamiński, Darius Khondji, Roger Deakins and Jeff Cronenweth, Stuart brings a compelling and thought-provoking style to everything he shoots. 

He has played a pivotal role as director, cinematographer and photographer on advertising campaigns for clients such as Priceline, Michael Kors, Holster Shoes, Roland Australia and Swisse. He has also been instrumental in helping Instagram models achieving 60,000+ followers – a testament to why he is regularly approached for street and fashion shoots. 

He has worked as a cinematographer on I’m an Actor, and also on the much-anticipated Oz Linked, and is continuing to develop his craft, working regularly now as a director, cinematographer, and editor on various film and television projects. 


Vicky Wanless is a woman with many hats in the film industry.

As an actress, she has accumulated a string of credits, including working opposite Australian Idol winner Damien Leith in the feature film The Target, as well as roles in, Channel 31’s Bogan Bachelor, Windscreen Watch, Locked In, Darren L Downs’ comedy series Flats, and Pandora Productions’ Alina, among many more.

She works tirelessly behind the scenes as well, and was the production manager and producer of Miss Multiverse Australia 2018 Promo, the short film The Interplay, and season 2 of Full Disclosure. She also directed, produced and wrote Boo! and the acclaimed One Shot One Kill.

Vicky shows initiative, adaptability, and reliability, which is establishing her as one of the immediate go-to people for projects seeking production managers and producers.